VECOD launched the first Social Accountability program in Gambella Regional State

Vision Ethiopian Congress for Democracy (VECOD) is launching the first Social Accountability program and workshop in the Gambella Regional State on 21 March 2013 starting at 8am at the Gambella Regional Administration Council Hall in Gambella Town Administration.

Social Accountability is a process whereby citizens and communities are encouraged to voice their needs regarding public basic services and are able to hold service providers accountable for their performance. The first phase of the Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (ESAP) in 2006 achieved exceptional successes by constructively engaging citizens and service providers to improve the delivery of public basic services. VECOD is part of the second phase of ESAP that will implement Social Accountability activities in 2013 and 2014.

VECOD will welcome special guests at the launch such as His Excellency Omud Obong, President of Gambella National Regional State, Ato Tut Jok, Mayor of Gambella Town Administration, Ato Oman Amulu, Bureau Head of Bureau of Finance and Economic Development and other distinguished guests from the donors, Regional Administrative Offices, woreda officials and community members.

The workshop will focus on the use of two Social Accountability tools: Community Score Cards and Citizens Report Cards. These tools will be used to ensure citizen feedback on the delivery and quality of public services in agriculture, health, education, rural roads and water sanitation.

VECOD focuses on civic empowerment and sustainable democratic governance of communities through education and awareness to enhance the quality of public basic services delivered to citizens. Involving vulnerable groups in this process such as the disabled, women and people living with HIV, is one of VECOD’s main goals.

Based on its proposal, VECOD has been selected by Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (ESAP2) to receive a $300.000 grant to implement Social Accountability projects for the next two years in the Gambella Regional State to help improve the delivery of public basic services. VECOD will be working in five woredas within Gambella: Wantwa, Gambella Zuria, Godere, Itang, Gambella Town.

Below you can find the download links for pdf files with additional informations about Social Accountabilitz and organization VECOD.

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