The third round of the third Learning Benchmark kicked off today in Adama.

The third round of the third Learning Benchmark kicked off today in Adama. Speaking at the opening of the LB different stakeholders made remarks.

“We have witnessed great improvements on basic service delivery following the implementation of Promotion of Basic Services (PBS). This result has been achieved by all implementing stakeholders, development partners and donors who are supporting the program financially. We believe that the program will continue in a consolidated manner in the future as well.” 
Tilahun Eshete
BoFED, Deputy Bureau head
Amhara Regional State

“BoFED has taken part in interface meetings held in different woredas of the Amhara region and has supported the SA process through providing guidelines and creating awareness on the importance of the program.We also held joint monitoring visits in some areas. We have provided training to 100-150 people in each woreda on budget literacy. Social Accountability Committee members were selected as the main focus of the training. Capacity development and training is one of the collaborating points of the FTA-SA linkage. Accordingly, some of our staff at BoFED have been serving as resource persons for SAIPs that implement participatory planning and budgeting.”
Zemen Aychew
BoFED Channel One Program Coordinator
Amhara Regional State


“Each citizen should be engaged in the planning process of the government in all institutions. Citizens need to have a say in what happens in their country. In this regard, we have enabled each governmental institution to have a good governance plan. In addition, there is a cluster that is led at the Prime Minister level that works on good governance. It ensures that all governmental organizations incorporate good governance in their structure. In the future, the ministry plans to collaborate with MoFED to work on social accountability.” 
Teka G/Yesus
Good Governance Directorate Director 
Ministry of Civil Service