The second round of the third Learning Benchmark kicks off

Opening the second round LB, Deputy Head of BoFED-SNNPR, Tesfaye Tafese said, "Promoting Basic Services (PBS) has helped us witness improved service delivery. This was made possible due to all actors involved in implementing all the sub-components of the program with the support of development partners. I hope this will be strengthened in the future. 
ESAP2, which is part of the PBS program, is playing a great role in making basic public service accessible to the community. ESAP2 has registered concrete results by serving as a bridge between the service providers and the community and enabling them to come up with service improvement action plan. It is encouraging to see that Social Accountability Committees are established in all 223 woredas where ESAP2 is being implemented which will help the sustainability of the program. I hope that the third learning benchmark will enhance our understanding of how to implement ESAP in the future."


Speaking of the future of Social Accoutnbility Belay Asrat Social Accountability Specialist with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) said, "Implementation of SA-FTA linkage areas in all the ESAP2 woredas should be strengthened and citizens should be engaged in the process and monitoring. Linkage coordination committee should be strengthened at regional and zonal levels as required. Also, the execution of Pre-budget discussion is to be piloted in the 223 woredas where ESAP and FTA overlap. In the meantime, joint monitoring and dissemination of linkage related information and stories for learning will continue.”