The Management Agency holds communication day workshop for 100 participants from SAIPs

The Management Agency of ESAP2 conducted a day long training for Social Accountability Implementing Partners focused on different aspects of communication on 18 June 2015 at the Washington Hotel in Addis Ababa. Rolf Hunink, team leader of the Management Agency, mentioned at the opening session that communication is a crucial part of ESAP2 at this stage of the process. He said, "We depend heavily on SAIPs to continue communication with stakeholders. Various methods of communication such as radio, participatory video, social media and newspapers can be used to promote SA." Explaining that radio is a strong mechanism, Rolf made a reference to FTA’s regular radio program on SA and suggested for SAIPs to streamline with them.Blen Fitsum, PR & Communication Manager at ESAP2 MA explained the purpose of the training session and gave a briefing on what is expected from the participants. She said, “As some SAIPs are nearing completion of their project, they need a communication plan to scale up SA outside ESAP2 sites/woredas through systematic documentation and communication of results achieved so far".


Ato Alebachew Belay, Team Leader at Financial Transparency and Accountability, FTA-MOFED, while presenting the FTA SA linkage said, “This workshop is relevant because the sessions aim to fill the gap in the area of communication and documentation.” He explained the 2015/16 national and regional budget allotted for media, communication and documentation. Ato Alebachew added, “FTA and SA serve the same general goal of improving basic services through effective utilization of resources."

Subsequently SerkalemTafesse, Communication & PR Expert at ESAP2 MA presented the overall media landscape of print, electronic and mainstream media including how to use different methods to engage with media. Ato Getachew Sime, a community media expert presented opportunities and challenges of NGO-Community Radio Collaboration and Partnerships.


One of the participants of the workshop, ESAP2 project coordinator at EIFDDA, Ato Birhanu Beyene said, "Especially during this time when ESAP2 is coming to an end, it is very crucial to document what has been done so far in order to use them as input in the future. The communication day is very important with regard to documenting and disseminating the results through written and audio visual means.”;

Another participant, Azeb Feleke from Addis Ababa Women’s Association said, "After attending the workshop, I have learned how to document the situation before and after our SA intervention. I have also seen how to contact the media to get coverage for events we organize. With regard to print outs, I learned ways of producing inexpensive brochures in-house to promote SA.";


Participants were trained on how to document SA processes and results, how to link with FTA to use budget for media purposes, methods to present SA results to the mainstream media, how to collaborate and partner with community radios and how to make better use of social media. One of the SAIPs, Action for Self Reliance, shared their experiences of working with community radio with participants. Through group works, participants were able to produce a communication plan including press releases. The Communications Day brought together more than 100 participants including representative from Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED), regional Bureaus of Finance and Economic Development (BOFED), Monitoring and Evaluation experts, Project Coordinators and PR and Communication Experts from SAIPs. 


Presentations made at the Communication Day workshop are available.

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