The MA Signed MoU with Selected SAIPs to Test Theatre for Social Accountability

The Management Agency of ESAP2 has signed a memorandum of understanding with three Social Accountability (SA) implementing partners on May 21, 2015 on a newly being tried methodology entitled Theatre for Social Accountability (TSA) at ESAP2 office. Professional Alliance for Development (PADET) with its sub partner Save Your Generation Ethiopia (SYGE) and Hiwot Integrated Development Association (HIDA) are the ones selected to maneuver theatre as an alternative tool to promote SA and enhance the awareness of the wider community.


Theatre for Social Accountability (TSA) is an effective method of learning developed through research and performance. It deliberately raises issues related to basic services, provokes discussions and brings attitudinal change among key players in the community.

Signing the MoU Ato Amare Worku, PADET’s Executive Director said, “such an edutainment scheme breaks the conventional trend of organizing meetings and long discussions. Applying a motivating tool will enable us to yield more fruits.”


Ephrem Shiferaw, SA Program Coordinator at HIDA said, “I am very positive about introducing theatre as an SA tool. I hope it will best convey the concept of SA and its practices. It can further serve a great role in institutionalizing SA.”

Rolf Hunink, ESAP2 Team Leader in his closing remark stated that the SA partners were very much enthusiastic about the drama performances presented during the last learning bench mark sessions conducted in Adama to facilitate learning from ongoing practices and achievements of SAIPs, citizen groups and local governments/service providers across issues that are important for the future of social accountability.

The agreement which was signed by the MA and SAIPs incorporates research, training and performances among different communities from May 25-October 31, 2015.