The MA organised refresher training on finance and grant for finance team of all SAIPs

NGO funding and financial management go hand in hand but achieving both successfully is not always easy.

Focusing on finance and grant management, the Management Agency of ESAP2 organized a two day refresher training for 120 finance staff from all 49 SAIPs at Siyonat Hotel in Addis Ababa.

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During the two day training that commenced on October 1, 2014, participants discussed the practice of handling the financial management of ESAP2 along with bottle necks observed thus far and make recommendations on how to make financial reporting even better. Participants are also shared experiences on how to manage procurement plans.

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Lemlem Gebu is a finance and administration head at Organization for Self Development (OSD), a sub partner of PDN and is one of the 120 participants attending the training. Mentioning her relatively new experience in the NGO environment, she said, "The training will help me become more acquainted with the project's financial manuals, forms, procurement procedures and give me insights on how to handle financial documents as well as meet reporting deadlines".

A finance officer at Save your Generation, a sub partner of PADET, Dawit Seyoum explained that the training will put to rest any misconceptions he had about the project's financial management. He said, "I am now well aware of the dos and don'ts with regard to the financial management".

The training organized by the Management Agency was concluded on Thursday, October 2, 2014.