The MA Held M&E Day to Help SAIPS Improve the Quality of Reporting

The MA held a Monitoring and Evaluation Day on October 2, 2014 to improve the Monitoring & Evaluation activities as well as reporting of SAIPs. The sessions of the refresher training focused on how to provide enough support to wereda SA coordinators so that they can give quality information and data to the M&E officers. It also aimed at encouraging them to reflect better when they prepare the quarterly narrative report so that they can make improvements in project activities. The topics discussed during the refresher included data and documentation, narrative report, team work, audit compliance, and other improvements. 

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ESAP2 SA Expert Lucia Nass said, “”We did not get enough detailed stories of changes that the project is achieving. The MA noticed that the quality of the quarterly narrative reports is not always up to the standard of the MA’s requirements, and also the budget modifications of SAIPS are not well explained, which indicates program and finance staff are not working as a team.”
The Project Coordinators, M&E Officers and focal persons were also joined by the Finance Officers, because budget has to support the project activities. The communication between finance and program staff has to improve for better budget modification, which is based on improvements made by program staff. The finance officers will also explain about compliance with audit requirements for documentation and filing.

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Project Coordinator with Cheshire Foundation – Action for Inclusion Alemtsehay Maru said, “The refresher was really nice. It helped us revisit our reporting overall. The information we shared with others helped us learn how others do their reporting. In our report, we used to focus on physical activities/ accomplishment, but now we learnt more such as how to do an all-round reporting on the change in the community, community’s participation and what we feel about what we did. We also learnt how to do close follow up and monitoring by being present in the field, focus more on providing support and collecting concrete and accurate data collection. The MA’s reporting template was not clearly defined for us so we thought the required information was physical activities only. But now we know what was missing in the reporting. I can now provide more informative report.”
M&E Officer with Yezelalem Minch Children and Community Development (YMCCD) Zewdie Yimer said, “since I am an M&E Officer, it clarified some of the ambiguities I had with regard to the reporting format which was challenging for me. I also learnt from the experience of other organizations the procedure they use for M&E. They use better way of M&E, such as holding debriefing session with wereda coordinators on the spot after they conduct monitoring. This has enabled them solve the problems on the way, instead of coming back to the office and report. This resulted in immediate response to address issues identified during the monitoring. We did not have the culture of debriefing.”
ESAP2 SA Expert Lucia Nass said, “We realized that some SAIPs have understood the reporting format very well from the beginning but others have difficulty understanding the format in the right way. That is why we decided to organize this refresher. After this refresher, we expect that SAIPS will have identified where they can improve and they would also feel better equipped to work as a team and produce quality reports, and budget modifications that can be quickly processed by the MA grants team.
The M&E day brought together about 200 participants drawn from all 49 lead SAIPs and 62 partners.