9th Joint Review and Implementation Support (JRIS) and Joint Budget and Aid Review (JBAR) Session 9 (11-15 November 2013)

On behalf of MoFED and the Promotion of Basic Services (PBS) Development Partners, the 9th JRIS/JBAR was organized between 11-15 November. The session took place at the conference hall of MoFED. The semi-annual JRIS/JBAR is a key moment to report on the milestones achieved under the PBS program.

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As Social Accountability (SA) is an important element of PBS, the Management Agency (MA), together with MoFED and one of our implementing partners, the Addis Ababa Women Association, made a presentation exposing the progress on SA in Ethiopia. Also the mutual linkages between SA, FTA and the GRM were touched in a separate presentation focusing on the future institutionalization and sustainability of SA. Finally the audience was briefed on the increase of implementing organizations from the original 30, which started in January 2013, until the final number of 49 as of October 2013. Clearly, SA is the latest “shoot” at the PBS “tree” which started only recently. Its uniqueness is the fact that it works bottom up with a prominent role to be played by civil society organizations who act as interface between between providers and users of basic services. In the period to come, it is intended to strengthen relations between both service providers and users of the services resulting in a qualitative improvement of basic services to be delivered in Ethiopia.

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In the closing remarks, the chair of the SA Steering Committee, H.E Dr Abraham Tekeste, emphasized that the engagement of citizens in service delivery is one of the pillars of good governance. Hence, there should be leadership, commitment and support to the SA component as it is important for the development of the nation.