Social Accountability Guide Online!

As our flagship publication, the first in the world, the Social Accountability Guide is an introductory learning material aimed at promoting appreciation and understanding of social accountability. It explains in detail the steps civil society organizations, including the ESAP2 grantees should take to enhance the capacities of citizens and citizens’ groups, woreda officials and council members, woreda administrations and service providers to adopt Social Accountability approaches and the related mechanisms and tools. This Guide is our key point of reference for all capacity development support provided at all stages in the next two years. It offers practical information on how to organize, facilitate, and evaluate a social accountability training.


Amharic version

doc_altChapter 0 
Introduction to the Social Accountability guide

doc_altChapter 1
Introduction to Social Accountability

doc_altChapter 2 
Roles and Responsibilities in Social Accountability

doc_altChapter 3 
Vulnerability and Social Inclusion

doc_altChapter 4 
Overview of the Regional and Woreda Budget Processes

doc_altChapter 5 
Social Accountability Tools – Community Score Cards

doc_altChapter 6 
Social Accountability Tools – Citizens’ Report Cards

doc_altChapter 7 
Social Accountability Tools – Community Mapping

doc_altChapter 8 
Social Accountability Tools – Participatory Planning and Budgeting

doc_altChapter 9 
Social Accountability Tools – Gender Responsive Budgeting

doc_altChapter 10 
Social Accountability Tools – Social Auditing

doc_altChapter 11 
Capacity Development Results Framework

doc_altChapter 12 
Participants’ Capacity Development Action Plans

doc_altChapter 13 
Delivering the Traini