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More Social Accountability resources
In this section you can find resources in the following categories

·   ESAP2 Progress Reports

·   ESAP2 Sector Data

·   ESAP2 National Conference 31 March – 1 April 2016

·   ESAP2 Social Accountability Guidance and Lessons Learned

·    SA Experiences from Ethiopia and Abroad

·    SA Tools from Elsewhere

·    SA and Basic Service Sectors

·    Working with Vulnerable Groups

·    Government of Ethiopia

·    ESAP2 Project Management for SAIPs



TECS - The Tracking Trends in Ethiopia’s Civil Society Project (TECS) is an initiative of the Civil Society Sub Group of the Development Assistance Group. It began in early 2011, and completed in November 2014. The TECS resources are made available here…​

·    Preface – What is TECS?
·    Information bulletins
.    Information updates
Research reports
·    Policy briefs
·    TECS resources in Amharic 


Disclaimer: the views presented in TECS documentation are those of the authors and Atos Consulting, and do not necessarily represent the views of the ESAP2 Management Agency.