Participatory Video Training – MIDWEEK UPDATE

Ten representatives of five different SAIPs are in Addis Ababa this week for their first Participatory Video Training


What is the participatory video training?

Participatory video is a form of media in which a group or community creates their own film. The videos will be more credible when participants of the community are the ones make the video. Participating video is also a great way of bringing people together, giving a voice to marginalized groups or individuals and to solve problems within communities since everyone is encouraged to be part of the production process of the video.


Why is this training given?

Video is a fantastic way to capture important experiences, distribute them among our partners, stakeholders and government at various levels. Additionally, video also invites for more dialogue in the woreda. Documenting the process of the SAIPs and other Social Accountability stakeholders is important to follow the process of Social Accountability and learn from each other.


Who is participating in the video training?

Organization: Save Lives

Yonas Andualem, monitoring & evaluation officer

Girma Getachew, self help group officer


Organization: Addis Ababa Women Association

Tigest Tewabe, social accountability expert

Azeb Feleke, camerawomen


Organization: Relief Society of Tigray

Gebrehaweria Berhane, pr officer

Yonathan Teka, IT officer


Organization: Addis Development Vision

Solome Kumsa, project coordinator

Ermiyas Mekonnen, project manager


Organization: Redeem the Generation

Museatlaba Chew, monitoring & evaluation expert

Yared Mengiste, social worker


What do they do during the video training?

Participants are introduced to making videos that capture the Social Accountability progress and support dialogue in their community. This is done through different exercises such as storyboard telling, practicing with the camera, sharing stories about Social Accountability, editing video footage and peer-to-peer feedback. The participants will also film a visit to a Social Accountability partner and show their final video productions to the community.


What will happen after the video training?

Two videos will be produced over the course of just one week. After the training, the participants will use their new skills to make videos in their own project woredas – in collaboration with other Social Accountability Stakeholders. 


Where can we follow the videos that the participants will make?