MoFED letter to BoFED’s

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Ethiopia (MoFED) sent information letter to regional Bureaus of Finance and Economic Development (BoFED) in order to sensitize the regions on the government project of ESAP2 (Ethiopian Social Accountability Programme 2) and support our SAIPs in implementing their projects.

We are delighted to share a copy of the letter.

To bring good governance to our country, we implemented many programs. One of these programs is ESAP2 by creating community participation and accountability. This program will be administered by local NGO’s in different parts of the country at woreda level.

Based on this, ESAP2 provides training on basic services to citizens and teaches them how these services can benefit their life. Additionally, the program makes sure that the citizen and service providers discuss the quality of services and how fast it can develop and improve.

Please disseminate this information!

Attached are original letter and the translation.

doc_alt Letter to Regions AMH

doc_alt Letter to Regions ENG