Media and Communication Experts Impressed with SA-FTA Initiatives and Results

Addis Ababa Women Association (AAWA) organized training on Social Accountability and Financial Transparency and Accountability for media and communication experts on June 26-27, 2015 in Adama, Oromia in collaboration with the Addis Ababa Bureau of Finance and Economic Development (BoFED) and ESAP2.

The training deliberated on the objectives and basic principles of Social Accountability (SA) and Financial Transparency and Accountability (FTA), the processes of SA and FTA, and the major achievements of SA and FTA.

Ato Mussie Yasin, Program Coordinator with AAWA said, “the training was organized to draw the attention of media to FTA as well as social accountability interventions as it is a new initiative in the country. It also aimed at scaling up the social accountability results through media which can easily share the information to the public.”


Participants found the training very important which helped them to be aware of SA-FTA interventions and realize the results registered through these initiatives. They also committed themselves to visit the intervention areas in person and give coverage in their respective media outlets.

Hirut Birhanu, Senior Communication Expert with Yeka Sub City Communication Affairs Office said, “the training was very relevant and an eye opener.  I have a very good and a wider understanding of SA and FTA now. Though I had very limited knowledge about FTA, I knew nothing about SA. I’m glad that it is held at the right time when concrete SA-FTA results are registered instead of reporting just on the process of SA-FTA. I’ll be very glad to give coverage to these initiatives and inform the public. It made me realize what the needs of the community [service receivers] are.  People really need to assess and comment on the service they receive. If we communicate the voice of the people, then that would help us become successful in our work as well.”

Yeshi Welde a feature writer from Addis Lisan – Addis Ababa Mass Media Press Desk/Team said, “The training was good. We have produced some reports on FTA. Sometimes it was difficult for us to get information from FTA staff. But now, we have come to know how to access information and whom to interview. With regards to SA however, only now have I come to realize who is doing what. I found SA very impressive, the tools to raise awareness among the ordinary citizens with low level of literacy is interesting. Participation of citizens is what brings about real change.”


Gashaw Tefera, AA Communication Affairs Office, Bureau Head Special Assistant said, “It was a very nice training. It is very interesting to see the community themselves expressing their needs and raising their voice. The government is striving to ensure good governance. To this end, these initiatives are very helpful to address gaps in these areas. We will communicate the information about SA-FTA initiatives to the public through our structure that can reach 116 woredas in all 10 sub-cities in Addis Ababa.”

The training brought together over 35 participants including Heads of the Communication Affairs Bureaus in all 10 sub cities of Addis Ababa and journalists from public and private media and news agencies.