Management Agency announces shortlisted CSOs

The Management Agency of the Ethiopian Social Accountability Program 2 has shortlisted 52 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in all over the country for grant negotiations. The attached list of 52 CSOs were chosen from among 129 received.

These negotiations are at the final stages of screening of CSOs whose proposals have been approved by an independent evaluation team.

“Only those applications that met the eligibility and administrative requirements and that were awarded at least 50% of the score on organizational capacity and relevance were included in the final ranking list. A provisional list of applications that will be awarded with a grant was compiled, starting with the number 1 on the ranking list and going down the ranking until the grant scheme budget envelope was depleted,” explained Gerard Van Mourik, Team Leader of the Management Agency of ESAP2.

“This list was submitted to the Steering Committee of ESAP2 for final endorsement”, he went on to say.

Mr. Van Mourik noted that the 52 CSOs would be awarded funding subject to availability of funds and the results of the financial capacity assessment, which should be finalized at the end of the month.

He praised the work of the Steering Committee and the cooperation of all involved. “Credit goes to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in Ethiopia, which chairs the Steering Committee,” Mr. Van Mourik added.

Independent International Evaluator Dr. Samuel Tadesse said: “The proposals we have chosen to take forward have all shown that they have the potential to implement social accountability projects and activities, the design of the interventions were ethically sound, technically up-to-date, relevant to the program setting, and acceptable to or endorsed by the beneficiary populations and paid sufficient attention to social inclusion of vulnerable groups”.

He added “further discussions are needed by the Management Agency to ensure we deliver quality basic public services”.

doc_altShortlist of grant applications