Learning Benchmarking Workshop officially started in Adama Town

February, 17, – A one-week Learning Benchmarking Workshop officially started in Adama Town Monday morning. The Learning Benchmark Workshop is to facilitate learning between the Social Accountability Implementing Partners (SAIPs) and Woredas, and to identify opportunities for improvement and linkage.

Over 170 representatives of 25 SAIPs attended the opening, which will be followed by trainings on topics such as capacity development, how to mobilize women, sustaining the Social Accountability process and more.

The Workshop also pays special attention to the linkage between Social Accountability and Financial Transparency & Accountability. Ato Getachew Negera of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development said during the opening that it is important to recognize the linkage between FTA and Social Accountability: “The quality of basic services can be more improved by strengthening the relationship.”

During this one-week workshop, achievements of participating implementing partners are compared so that participants get insight into their comparative strengths and weaknesses and can learn from the practices of others.

The three main objectives of the workshop are facilitating learning among SAIPs and other key stakeholders on the promotion of basic services, consultations between the government and civil society organizations to collect sustentative inputs to finalize a draft study report, and a training on the Social Accountability tool of Public Expenditure Tracking.

Benchmarking is a research and learning-based improvement instrument, used worldwide to improve performances. Deputy Team leader of the ESAP2 Management Agency Zemedkun Abebe stressed the importance of this workshop: “This event might be a good opportunity for the participants and SAIPs to understand where they are now and how to go about in the remaining period of the project.”

At the end of the Learning Benchmark workshop, practice learning will be used by SAIPs to develop a project improvement plan.

ESAP2 is the second phase of Ethiopia’s Social Accountability Project that focuses on improving public basic services across the country in the sectors of Health, Education, Rural Roads, Agriculture and Water and Sanitation.