Initial thoughts on options continuity and sustainability of SA in Ethiopia after ESAP2

Senior Social Protection Specialist Alex Kamurase presented initial thoughts on options continuity and sustainability of social accountability in Ethiopia after ESAP2.

He said that "A technical team composed of the MoFED, the World Bank, other donors, the MA and civil society organizations is discussing the options. Alex said, the top most priority is to finalize the dialogue and decisions on the nature and scale of continuity, institutionalization and sustainability of SA.  He said, currently citizens-state constructive dialogue is happening in all 223 weredas in which ESAP2 is being implemented. In addition to coming up  with a  plan on how to deepen SA in existing weredas and scale up to new weredas, Alex emphasized the importance of  undertaking federal and regional  level consultations or mainstreaming SA in selected sectors or regional and  community level structures.  He also mentioned the need to documenting best practices and using them to inform national level strategies for GTP as part of good governance strategy of the government. Alex further stressed the importance of Linkage of SA and FTA.


At the 11th PBS-JRIS/JBAR held from 10-13, November, 2014