From getting water once a week to getting water every day — changes through SA

The MA completed the Learning Benchmark training in Adama, Hawasa and Shashemene successfully. Currently, the training is being conducted in Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa and Mekele simultaneously. Additional, three groups will be involved in the training in the coming few days.
Here is one of the interesting stories participants of the learning benchmark shared.
After working in different government offices for 41 years, Ato Jebril Mohammed thought he had seen it all. But he says Social Accountability has proved him wrong. From getting water only once a week to being able to get water at the turn of a tap every day, he says , the SA project has brought about tremendous changes in his community.
Ato Jebril resides in Debretabor town, where he currently chairs one of the Social Accountability Committees. Also a chairman of the Islamic Affairs Board in the zone, Ato Jebril says the progressive changes that are being seen in terms of water provision in his community wouldn’t have been realized if it hadn’t been for the collaborative works of the community itself with government officials, religious leaders, elders, youth, women and different organizations.


Ato Jebril is pleased to have been a part of the Social Accountability committee (SAC) in his area. He says, “Knowing that I am engaged in the process of helping my community attain better water service provision gives me great satisfaction and I am proud of how far we have come.”