ESAP2’s Third Round of Participatory Video Training Takes Place

ESAP2’s third round of participatory video training is taking place in Hawassa with the attendance of about 20 participants from 10 SAIPs. The training that is being held from September 1-5, 2014 is expected to equip participants with the knowledge of documenting and storytelling of Social Accountability experiences through PV, so far they have acquired basic skills of filming and editing.

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Expressing her expectations on the PV training, Samrawit Kebede, a participant from AMUDAEAS says, “my expectations are being able to give voice to communities on positive outcomes and improvements the SA project has brought on lives through participatory videos.”

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Another trainee, Hawi Serbessa from HUNDEE says, “by the end of the training, I expect to learn techniques of video recording, editing and the difference between Participatory Video and other films.”
Tomorrow, September 3, 2014, the trainees will be filming communities at Meki and Arsi Negelle where stakeholder groups like Woreda officials, Woreda SAC, service providers and citizen groups will be present.

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