ESAP2’s advanced participatory video production training kicks off

A 3 day advanced participatory video training workshop is being held at Washington Hotel in Addis Ababa from 18th – 20th March, 2015. The three day training is a follow-up of the basic skills training on producing participatory videos given to over 20 participants from 10 SAIPs in September, 2014 in Hawasa, SNNPR. The participants successfully completed their assignments of producing five videos each, screening it and conducting a community dialogue between October 2014 and February 2015. The main goal of the advanced workshop is to equip the participatory video facilitators from the SAIPs with advanced skills in applying participatory video for the social accountability program. It will also give them an opportunity to share experience about the PV they produced and the community dialogue they conducted.


PV trainer Simon Koolwijk says, “people are excited to share their experiences and they are giving each other feedback on the quality of the videos they have produced. They are also exchanging experiences on difficulties of the PV intervention. For example, HIDA and HUNDEE mentioned how difficult it was to organize the community for dialogue. At the end of the training, people will upgrade their skills on PV production, develop skills in advanced editing, gain inspiration to participate in the next PV Oscar competition and also see possibilities on how to sustain PV as a permanent activity in their respective organizations.”

One of the participants Taye Kinfu, an M& E Officer with Cheshire explained his expectations from the workshop. He said, “the previous software we worked with was very basic which did not give us more options to explore our creativity. I believe that this training will provide us with advanced and better technical skills on PV editing and production.” A woreda coordinator with Adigrat Diocese Catholic Secretariat, Neguse Hagos considers this workshop as a platform to learn more about PV production. He says, “I expect to share experiences with other SAIPs on how they have produced their PVs and what the process was like. I also expect to learn about the different ways of uploading PVs on social media so they can have more impact by reaching and influencing a broader range of audiences.”


An M & E Officer with UEWCA, Haddis Tadesse thinks this training will support her do her job well. She said, “I can use the skills I have acquired from this advanced training to report on progresses of SA in my organization and utilize it as a Monitoring and Evaluation tool”.

Videos have been and are still being shared and disseminated at the ESAP2 Youtube Channel: