ESAP2 steering committee held a study tour to Indonesia

The ESAP2 steering committee held a study tour to Indonesia from October 5 to 12 2014. H.E Dr. Abrahm Tekeste, State Minister of Finance and Economic Development has led the delegation to the successful visit that drew important lessons from Indonesia’s National Program for Community Empowerment called ‘the PNPM Mandiri.’

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16 people drawn from government, donors, CSOs and the ESAP2 MA flew to Indonesia on the 4 of October to participate in the study tour. The week-long visit included a high-level meeting with the coordinating ministry of the People’s Welfare of Indonesia, Dompu Districts government office, the PNPM coordination offices of two sub districts, women saving and loan groups. It also involved sightseeing of some of the basic service facilities constructed by the program and debriefing meeting at the end of the visit.

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The Ethiopian delegation was astonished with the level of the community participation and the empowerment of the women among the various lessons drawn from the well-organized visit. In addition, the delegation was humbled with warm receptions throughout the various sessions of the visit and extended its sincere gratitude to the World Bank Jakarta and the PNPM coordinating group.