ESAP2 organizes seminar on Social Accountability & Social Inclusion

On the 14th of March the Tracking Trends in Ethiopia’s Civil Society (TECS) team invited several civil society, donor, UN and Government offices to attend a half day seminar on “Civil Society Organisations’ support to people living with disabilities and the elderly”

Two speakers were invited to discuss the issue of CSOs and the work with People living with disabilities.

The first presentation was done by the TECS team – which presented the findings of a comprehensive study on CSOs support to people living with disabilities and the elderly. The policy brief was discussed in detail by the participants.

The second presentation was done by Ato Abeje, a Social Accountability Expert for ESAP2, on the linkage between ESAP2 and People living with disabilities. Participants asked several questions among these: How CSOs working with people with disabilities were included in the ESAP2 programme.

Find the presentation here on this link.

The seminar was closed by the EU delegation thanking presenters and participants for a fruitful discussion.

The seminar was successful in presenting and enabling discussion on the theoretical and practical aspect of work done by CSOs with persons with disabilities.

A key feature of ESAP2 is social inclusion. It ensures that recipients of ESAP2 money guarantee to include vulnerable women and children, people with HIV, disabled people and elderly in the social accountability roll out activities in their Woredas.