The Management Agency completed the third round of Participatory Video training: Participants highly appreciate the new skills they acquired

ESAP2 completed third round of participatory video training attended by over 20 participants from 10 SAIPs. The training which was organized in Hawassa, SNNP region from September 1-5, 2014 equipped participants with the knowledge of storytelling and documenting of Social Accountability experiences through PV as well as using PV for community dialogue. 

The participants filmed communities at Meki and Arsi Negelle where stakeholder groups like Woreda officials, SACs, service providers and citizen groups and screened the videos and engaged the community in dialogue.

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One of the participants Samrawit kebede PR officer of AMUDAEAS said, “The training is very interesting It helped me understand how PV is a powerful tool for networking among the community and leads the community to have a dialogue. PV allows us have the voice of all sections of the society to be heard. Normally people shy away to speak up in public but when interviewed separately in small group, they voice their need and in the PV we were able to capture that very well and screen it in public.” 

Neguse Hagos, Wereda Coordinator of ADCS Adigrat Diocese Catholic Secretariat said, “I believe PV is a very powerful and effective medium with which I can get my message through to people in a very interesting, engaging way that creates a sense of ownership for the community because it creates a platform for them to participate in telling their own stories. The community dialogue was very satisfying an positively impacting not just in meeting the technical objective I had but also my emotional connection with the community on various levels as giving voice to women and vulnerable people with in the community.”

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