ESAP presentation for JRIS

ESAP2 made a presentation on May 9, 2013 at the Joint Review and Implementation Support (JRIS) meeting in Addis Ababa and receives positive feedback. The presentation at the JRIS, which comprises the Ethiopian government, the World Bank and Donors, includes an update from us on ESAP2, a short video clip of the first phase (ESAP1) and a brief presentation of ESAP2’s implementing partner ILU Women and Children Integrated Development Association. Our Minister of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) Dr. Abraham Tekeste who chaired the presentation called for more commitment to and ownership of ESAP. He reiterated that ESAP is a government programme and has to be viewed by participants that way. He further mentioned that although it is being implemented in almost 150 woredas in all the regions – the idea is to have social accountability in all 900 woredas. He further mentioned that a lot of money and time is being invested in the programme and that this should bear strong fruit for social accountability in all Ethiopia. Participants at the JRIS meeting include representatives from Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Regional Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, the World Bank, IMF and Donors.

doc_alt ESAP presentation for JRIS