DFID staff visiting Addis impressed with social accountability in action

The Department for International Development (DFID) staff, including social development, governance and conflict advisors came to Addis Ababa from across Africa and the UK to attend a training organised by DFID in the week of 4 November 2013.

The Management Agency arranged a visit on 8 November 2013 for DFID staff to observe SA in action. Participants were keen to meet with citizens and service providers and see accountability work in action in Arada and Kirkos sub-cities. The visit helped to showcase the ESAP2 program as well as visitors to learn from the Ethiopian experience.

“I have read about the program in advance, it is difficult to understand until you see it yourself, speak to the people and hear about how it works on the ground. It is real life stories rather than abstract, it is inspiring people’s lives have changed through simple mechanism. Even a subtle change can lead to big change in reality in service delivery” said Samantha Coope, DFID Zimbabwe.

Doreen Muzirankoni, DFID Rwanda said: “I came from a similar situation, we are running a similar program where we are supporting improvements of service delivery, where citizens and service providers are engaged. I am encouraged to see what you are doing; this can also be done in my country.”


Macha Farrant, DFID London added: “It was a very interesting example of community engagement in identifying priorities for the school with a large representation of community members. It would be interesting to see what happens next … The community is enthusiastic to bring about changes.”

Doctor Emmeline Skinner, DFID said: “It is an interesting process … There is a high level of community engagement including Women, Youth and Children Affairs”.