DEADLINE for Documentation & Communication Award Competition

We are happy to announce that the deadline for the submission of documents for the SA Communication and Documentation Award has been postponed to 15 August, 2015. Submissions after this date are allowed, but will result in deduction of points. Any submissions after 1st September, 2015 will no longer be part of the competition.

Note: Please work on communicating your documentations, and send your bonus sheet with supporting documents latest by 15, September 2015. We know that there are SAIPs who have woman SAC HEROES – please send their profiles! So far we have received only two women SAC heroes. Please follow the links to find bonus sheet for each of the three competitions and a pv format.

Participatory Video content format (final version)
Bonus point sheet PV Oscar 2015
Bonus Points Format MSC story
Bonus Points Format SAC hero