Finance & Grant Management

The finance and grant management component is one of the crucial area of the ESAP2 project. The very purpose of this component is to administer the grant fund so that to ensure the project fund is used properly for the intended result of ESAP2. The finance/grant section leads the SAIP selection; the grant negotiation and contract; facilitated disbursement; check the financial performance of the SAIPs as well as the proper utilization of funds through the quarterly financial reports. The department makes rigorous review of the quarterly financial report and this will enable the Management Agency to take immediate corrective measure whenever there is irregularity in the grant/financial management areas. When the quarterly financial report is cleared by the finance experts, then the grant section will process the disbursement in consultation with other components. The finance/grant department ensures the compliance of policies, procedures, etc. which is stated in the Grant Contract and SAIPs’ Operational Manual through review the financial document conduct internal audit visit.

Moreover, the component is providing technical supports to the SAIPs through training, mentoring and coaching so as to enhance the capacity of implementing partners. 

The MA has shared the operational manual to guide the SAIPs during their implementation.

doc_alt SAIP Operational Manual