The main purpose of ESAP2 is to contribute to improved delivery and quality of basic services by strengthening the use and approaches of social accountability tools by civil society organizations and other non-state organizations and by government officials and service providers.

ESAP2 has three main components: (i) The Grant Scheme is a funding opportunity to CSOs to implement social accountability initiatives at the local level; (ii) Capacity Building to strengthen the capacity of grantees and woreda administrators to implement social accountability tools and mechanisms; and (iii) Monitoring and Evaluation which aims to track the progress of projects implemented under ESAP2 and facilitate decision making.

The Management Agency uses a mix of structured and informal systems to increase knowledge as well as ownership of social accountability practices in Ethiopia. Working through civil society organizations, the program opens up channels of communication between citizens and the responsible government bodies and public service providers.

The Management Agency’s assistance – whether in the form of fund provision, capacity building, establishing M&E systems – is always intended to promote partners’ initial appreciation of social accountability in the context of their actual work and, in the long term, institutionalizes social accountability in their way of doing business.