A Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) training triggered participants to change their behaviors about equality of men and women.

Participants especially men reflected on the need to change themselves after a simple exercise on the topic ‘how men and women spend a typical Saturday’. The women’s list showed that they start their day around 6 in the morning and ends it at 10 pm with lots of activities at household and community levels. Whereas the men’s response showed more than half of the day/ their Saturdays is spent on taking rest, socializing, networking and recreation.

The training on Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) as a tool for SA was part of the three day long training held on October 30, 2015 in Triangle Hotel, Dire Dawa. Participants were CBOs’ leaders, teachers, school principals, education supervisors, students, council members, Kebele and Woreda SAC among others.


The MA’s CD&T expert, Meskerem, delivered the training following JeCCDO’s invitation to the MA to cover the last day of its three days long training organized for the above mentioned participants. The Dire Dawa Community Action (DDCA), JeCCDO’s sub partner implementing the SA project in the area, organized the training. The first two days were about Community Score Card and Participatory Planning and Budgeting tools of SA. Participants indicated that the October 30th session on GRB has enabled them see the key concepts of gender, budgets and what should be done to make budgets gender sensitive. They have also indicated that they plan to educate others about gender and also follow-up if their budgets are gender sensitive at all levels

In his concluding remarks, Ato Brehane, executive director of the DDCA said ‘the most important lesson one can draw from the GRB session today, is the need to integrate gender analysis in all we do at all levels including in our councils’
Thirty three participants attended the session.