Social Accountability was introduced inEthiopiain the early 1990s by development agencies and civil society groups. Since then, Social Accountability was used as a mechanism to build the community’s social capital and to inform and educate citizens of their constitutional rights and responsibilities. It was also used as a means to inform citizens about their basic entitlements and service standards and engage communities with public officials and service providers using different social accountability tools.

A total of $ 7.5 million has been spent on social accountability activities to date in Ethiopia. This has been allocated across a range of activities – citizen and government engagement, monitoring, capacity building and analytical work. The results of social accountability initiatives in Ethiopia to date have been quite successful, bringing positive results to woreda service delivery and governance, and to local citizens. Although not all citizen engagements have been developed the same way, there are many consistencies in the approach developed in Ethiopia.


PARTNERS profiles

doc_alt Action For Development - Creating a society where poverty is eradicated, and people lead a dignified life in an enabling environment

doc_alt Action for Environmental Public Advocacy -  works to build the capacity of and empower indigenous communities and inhabitants to play a determinant role in conserving bio-cultural diversity, managing natural resources and protecting environment for sustainable livelihood and development..

doc_alt Action for Self Reliance Organization - Creating a self-reliant society and contributing towards bringing a long lasting change & improvement in the life of the disadvantaged members of the community with more emphasis on children and women through integrated development programs.

doc_alt Action Professionals’ Association for the People  - To see an Ethiopian Society in which the dignity and wellbeing of all citizens are realized in a holistic and people-centered development process.

doc_alt Addis Ababa Women’s Association Report - Addis Ababa Women’s Association envisages a society whereby the values and rights of women are recognized and exercised, gender equality is enjoyed and quality of life is improved.

doc_alt Addis Development Vision  -  has experience in working with the poor at grassroots level and has been engaged in empowering self-help groups, youth associations, and women cooperatives in various development activities.

doc_alt Adigrat Diocesan Catholic Church Secretariat (ADCS) -  promotes integral human development through effective coordination and implementation of pastoral, social and development activities in a sustainable way.

doc_alt Amhara Development Association - To alleviate poverty by supporting participatory community developments in collaboration with governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

doc_alt Cheshire Foundation Action for Inclusion  - CF-AI envisions a country with equal opportunity for person with Disabilities.

doc_alt Concern for Integrated Development  - Reducing poverty and creating a healthy, educated and socially and economically stable society in the country.

doc_alt Ethiopian Catholic Church – Social andDevelopment Commission of Nekemte - To see a society where all its spiritual, physical, and socio-cultural needs are met and where all people live in harmony, solidarity, equality, justice and peace.

doc_alt Ethiopian Inter-Faith Forum for Development Dialogue and Action - To see interfaith harmony and spiritual and material prosperity among the peoples of Ethiopia.

doc_alt Ethiopian-Orthodox Church Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission - A just society in which everyone is able to lead a quality life.

doc_alt Ethiopian Women Lawyers’ Association - To see an Ethiopia where women enjoy equal rights as men.

doc_alt Guraghe Development Association - Promoting social accountability to empower ordinary citizens for increased development, improved governance and effective service delivery.

doc_alt Hiwot Integrated Development Association - To see a healthy and empowered society in Ethiopia.

doc_alt Hope For Children - To see a country where all children can grow in a happy & healthy environment.

doc_alt HUNDEE Oromo Grassroots Development Initiative - To create a just world where women and men live in dignity and prosperity and to accompaniment of resource poor and marginalized communities in their own development to improve their livelihoods and ultimately attain economic and social transformation in Oromiya

doc_alt Initiatives for Multi-dimensional Development (IMD) - To see Ethiopia freed from poverty, socio-economic insecurity and injustice where its citizens enjoy equitable and advanced life-style.

doc_alt Ilu Women and Children Integrated Development Association - To see an AIDS free, educated, self-reliant, proud and prosperous society in Ethiopia

doc_alt Jerusalem Children and Community Development Organization - Creating an Ethiopian society where all citizens promote the well being of children

doc_alt KMG Ethiopia - Creating a society where women are free from all forms of discrimination and violence

doc_alt Love in Action - To see life improved in the rural (remote) and urban areas by the effort of the people themselves, with the minimum external intervention

doc_alt Mekdim Ethiopia National Association - To see a society that cares for and supports people living with HIV and AIDS orphans and a generation free of HIV/AIDS.

doc_alt Migbare-Senay Children and Family Support Organization- To see improved socio-economic development in the country.

doc_alt Mih Lewetatoch Yebego Adragot Mahiber - To see a society who leads a stable socio-economic life free from HIV and AIDS and other reproductive health problems.

doc_alt Mums for Mums - To see a mother who is self-reliant, self-sufficient and who can look after herself and her children.

doc_alt Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations – Realizing an Ethiopian society where gender equality is ensured

doc_alt Non State Actors Coalition – To realize tripartite dialogue for the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development partnerships and cooperation issues to realize sustainable development of the country

doc_alt Oromia Development Association – Developing an empowered, educated and prosperous environment and working towards the improvement of livelihoods by focusing on community based programs

doc_alt Ogaden Welfare and Development Association – To promote conditions of sustainable human development to provide access to a respectable standard of living

doc_alt Professional Alliance for Development - Advancing social accountability through collaboration, networking and empowerment of citizens in Oromiya region and Addis Ababa City Administration

doc_alt Pro-Development Network - Strengthening solidarity between basic service providers and service users

doc_alt Progress Integrated Community Development Organization – To see economically and socially self-reliant and self-managing communities where the poor are transformed into a sustainable better life

doc_alt Redeem the Generation – To see a world where the potentials of children and youth is understood and realized, for a better life in the posterity

doc_alt Research Center for Development and Education - Aspires to see equitably empowered and developed citizens enjoying a dignified and decent life.

doc_alt Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization - Increased peoples capabilities and their institutions for sustained development.

doc_alt Save Lives Ethiopia – Regenerating hope and self-esteem.

doc_alt Siiqqee Women’s Development Association - To see disadvantaged and marginalized women; girls and children in Ethiopia live with dignity and security.

doc_alt SOS Sahel Ethiopia – Engendering Social Accountability for Improved Service Delivery.

doc_alt Tigray Youth Association – To see Tigray with productive, responsive, healthy, self-confident; and capacitated youth generation.

doc_alt Union of Ethiopian Women Charitable Association – To make all poor and marginalized Ethiopian women self supportive.

doc_alt Vision Ethiopian Congress for Democracy – Democratic values and practices are fundamental to the civic empowerment & thus pave the way for the well being of the Ethiopian citizens.

doc_alt Women’s Association of Tigray - To see a prosperous society where gender equality is ensured in its entirety.

doc_alt WABE Children’s Aid and Training - To see the lives of children from marginalized families and community groups improved.

doc_alt Women Support Association – To create an environment that enables poor women to play key role in the social, economic and political affairs of Ethiopia.

doc_alt Yezelalem Minch Children and Community Development - To see that the needy orphans and vulnerable children are cared for, become emotionally stable, productive citizens for their country, and serve their community.